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Jiaxing Burgmann Mechanical Seal Co., Ltd. Jiashan King Kong Branch
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Jiaxing Burgmann Mechanical Seal Co., Ltd. Jiashan King Kong Branch

JIAXING BURGMANN is a professional manufacturer of mechanical seal for pump and autoclave used in the mining, industry, agriculture, flange, rubber ring, bushing, hard alloy and Sic. We are specialized in producing Burgmann series seals.We have over 20 years production experience, with high credibility. Our products confirm with JB/T412.1-1999《Mechanical seal technical conditions》 standard. we design different mechanical seal to meet the requirements of our customers.Every day, we are committed ...
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How to install single face cartridge seal
Installing a single face cartridge seal typically involves the following steps: 1. **Preparation:** - Ensure the shaft and seal chamber are clean and free from any debris or contaminants. - Inspect the seal components, including the seal faces, O-rings, and springs, for any signs of damage or wear. Replace any damaged parts. 2. **Positioning:** - Slide the cartridge seal onto the shaft, ensuring that it aligns correctly with the seal chamber. 3. **Securing the Seal:** - Use any provided mounting hardware or clamps to secure the cartridge seal in place within the seal chamber. Follow the manufacturer's instructions for proper installation. 4. **Tightening Set Screws:** - If applicable, tighten any set screws or locking mechanisms to secure the seal in place. Be careful not to over-tighten, as this could damage the seal. 5. **Connection:** - If the seal has any fluid or electrical connections, such as flush ports or thermocouples, ensure they are properly connected according to the manufacturer's guidelines. 6. **Alignment:** - Double-check the alignment of the seal to ensure it is properly seated and aligned with the shaft and seal chamber. 7. **Testing:** - Conduct a leakage test to ensure the seal is functioning correctly and effectively preventing fluid leakage. Follow the manufacturer's recommendations for testing procedures. 8. **Final Checks:** - Verify that all connections are secure and that there are no leaks. Check for proper alignment and operation. 9. **Monitoring:** - Regularly monitor the performance of the cartridge seal during operation to detect any signs of leakage, wear, or other issues. Perform maintenance or replace the seal as needed to ensure optimal performance. It's crucial to follow the manufacturer's specific instructions and recommendations for installing the particular single face cartridge seal you're working with, as installation procedures can vary depending on the design and specifications of the seal. If unsure, consult the manufacturer's documentation or contact their technical support for guidance.  
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Basic Mechanical Seal Questions Answered
Q: What is a mechanical seal? A: An end-face mechanical seal is a device used on a rotating shaft to seal fluids. It consists of two flat faces that are installed perpendicular to the shaft. One of the faces is mounted stationary to the seal chamber or housing. The other face rotates with the shaft to provide the primary seal. Axial mechanical force and fluid pressure maintain the contact between the wearable seal face materials. Q: What is a cartridge seal? A: A cartridge-mounted, end-face mechanical seal (cartridge seal) is a completely self-contained unit that consists of the sealing components, a gland, sleeve, and hardware that allows the unit to be pre-assembled and preset. This feature eases installation and maintenance on rotating equipment on which axial adjustments are required. Q: What is a component seal? A: Component, end-face mechanical seals (a component seal) consist of a separate rotating member and stationary seat that mount in a gland or housing. Since they are not preset, installation and maintenance are generally more difficult requiring experienced technicians to properly install and adjust them Q: In what applications are each mechanical seal type best-suited? A: Rotating equipment used in processing gases, liquids, and slurries are the primary applications where end-face mechanical seals can be cost effectively considered and applied. Some types of rotating equipment that are not equipped with a seal chamber or stuffing box for installing a gland require that a component seal be used. Cartridge-mounted, end-face seals were primarily introduced for installation on American National Standards Institute centrifugal pumps on which axial shaft adjustments can be made. The simplicity and ease of installation and maintenance they offer makes cartridge-mounted single and dual units a primary consideration for all types of rotating equipment that are equipped with a stuffing box or seal chamber in which a gland can be installed. JIAXING BURGMANN MECHANICAL SEAL CO., LTD Contact email:    
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Introduction SSIC Silicon Carbide Mechanical Seal
SSIC Silicon carbide mechanical seal is a kind of silicon carbide product produced with silicon carbide material. Silicon carbide mechanical seal has heat resistance, according to different process, the performance of heat resistance is not the same. The reaction-sintered silicon carbide seal ring can be used at 1300, while the pressure-free sintered silicon carbide seal ring can reach 1600. Silicon carbide mechanical seal manufacturing process is: raw material processing – molding – sintering – grinding – assembly. Ssic mechanical seal is the most versatile friction material in mechanical seals.It has strong chemical resistance performance, high mechanical strength, good wear resistance, high temperature resistance, good self-lubrication, light weight, low coefficient of thermal expansion, high hardness, good dimension at extremely high temperatures , strong corrosion resistance and high elastic modulus, long service life and other characteristics.Applicable to the production of various mechanical rings,bearings,bushings and other friction materials.Sic mechanical seal are widely used in petroleum,electric power,light industry,aerospace,automotive,paper and sewage treatment,chemical pump and its rotary machinery and other fields,and paired with carbon graphite,sic mechanical seal has the smallest friction coefficient. It can be used as a high-parameter mechanical seal. JIAXING BURGMANN MECHANICAL SEAL CO., LTD Contact email:
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Advantage And Disadvantage Of Mechanical Seals
Advantage and disadvantage of mechanical seals(compare with soft packing seal ) Advantage : 1. Reliable seal ,over a long period of use ,it will not leakage or few leakage. 2. Have a long time useful life, if choose the right material and pressure of seal face can use 2-5years ,the longest is 9years. 3. Minimum maintenance ,it doesn't need to maintain in normal working conditions. 4. Less consumption friction power 5. Shaft or sleeve is not affected by wear . 6. Wide range of application ,can use in low temperature high temperaturehigh vacuum ,high pressure, various speeds and various corrosion ,flammable, explosive ,toxic media seal. Disadvantage : 1. One –time investment is higher. 2. Structure is more complex, high requirement for manufactory produce. 3. Installing and replacing are much trouble, require the works have a certain level for install. 4. When a fortuitous event occurs ,it's difficult handle with .   JIAXING BURGMANN MECHANICAL SEAL CO., LTD Contact email:
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